Virtual Horse Racing
Virtual Horse Racing

Virtual horse racing betting explained

Virtual horse racing betting is a relatively new phenomenon that has gripped fans of the classic sport. As enthusiasts of sports betting, we are always looking for new niches within the industry. Virtual racing has always been on the radar for many bettors, only recently have bookmakers began developing their virtual markets. The races are frequent, fun to watch, and offer the chance to win serious cash. With our comprehensive analysis, we will give you an expert guide through one of the hidden gems of online gambling.

Where to bet?


Choosing the betting company to begin with on this journey is not always an easy task. There are several key variables to consider. Firstly, how many virtual horse racing events are on offer at any given time, and what is the quality of the services on offer? For immediate access to some of the best virtual horse racing betting sites currently on the market, look at the list above. Sign-up today and you may be in for a very lucrative welcome bonus package.

The best operators will give you a selection of at least three fictitious courses. The tracks cover a varying array of distances and race type. Also, expect races to be at regular intervals of three minutes and in a staggered fashion so that a race is beginning every 60 seconds or so. Once you have this configuration available to you, the fun can truly begin, and we can get to work unleashing a betting strategy onto the virtual software. The featured sportsbooks all adhere to the recommendations we have laid out. Recognise the fact that a majority of betting companies who offer virtual sports markets are desperate to keep you playing at their site. The markets on offer hold very little in terms of difficulty and maintenance costs, except paying out winnings of course.

The virtual betting sportsbooks we have chosen in the above table all offer users the premium in betting experiences. In case you’re wondering, there are plenty of other sites that service punters with a similar high-quality betting product, but none give the all-encompassing playing experience that you will receive at the operators we have listed above. There are many technical factors that you have to consider before committing to a certain sportsbook, and also calculate exactly how much you wish to gain financially as the welcome offers at bookmakers tend to vary significantly.

Virtual horse racing markets

There are a few select betting markets when it comes to virtual horse racing. You won’t have the same variety as real-life horse racing, but there are still plenty of betting options to be enjoyed. Make wagers backing a horse to win directly. There will always be a favourite in the field that can be backed for odds shorter than 1/1 (2.0) evens. The field will always have at least 6 runners, and the odds vary between an obvious favourite and some longshots that can sometimes fetch a price up to 20/1 (20.0). However, there is not an equal chance of all horses in the field actually winning the race, the odds reflect the chances entirely.

If you prefer to not stake your money on the chances of just a singular horse in the race, then there are several other virtual horse racing markets you can get behind. As in classical racing, the each-way betting market is incredibly popular, and can be a fantastic way to insure yourself against losses. Simply select the horse you think will win the race, then tick the each-way betting option – this will effectively split your stake, half backing the horse to win, half backing the horse to finish in the top 2 or 3 (depending on the size of the field). Alternatively, you can get behind the Forecasts and Tricast betting types. With these you will need to perfectly select the finishing places of two or more horses in order to win a huge combination odds payout. Forecasting finishing places of two or more horses is carries high risk, so small stakes on these markets is strongly advised.

The strategy

Betting on virtual horses is really a systematic process. As with real life horse racing, the shorter the odds on the horse the more likely it is to win the race. Before the race begins you will have several options, the first thing you can do is pick a runner from the available horses. Bear in mind that all these horses are completely fictitious and that the software powering the game is powered by random number generation thus ensuring that there is no pattern to the winning potential of an individual runner. This does not mean all horses have an equal chance of winning, but there is no point looking at the form of a horse and backing it based off previous runs. When picking your virtual horse racing bet, consider the following points carefully.

  • Compare how short is the favourite compared to the longest odds in the field
  • Pay attention to an obvious favourite based on the entire field
  • Consider Forecast or Tricast bet type selections for higher payout
  • Maintain a wagering system to control fund flows

The main advantage of virtual betting is you can make bets on many races in a short amount of time. There are many punters who struggle to see the value in this style of betting, but once you develop a solid system for identifying value in virtual horse racing odds you will come to realise that all the tipsters and racing form guides serve a very similar purpose, we can simply apply the same strategies and principles to the virtual betting version.

Virtual horse racing vs. real rife

When it comes to betting on the virtual markets there really is no issue of waiting for your event to start. You can expect betting markets to be open around the clock starting every single minute. Even more useful is the speed at which bets are settled. You can expect monies to be paid to you immediately upon the completion of the race. So don’t worry about waiting for race officials to decide who won and analysing the photo finish for countless minutes. Everything is rapid and immediate when it comes to the virtualised version of this sports! If you just enjoy watching the race and prefer real-life over virtual simply for that, then don’t worry the virtual graphics these days will blow your mind as you can experience ultra-realistic racing with beautiful scenery. With all these speedy advantages, and life-like graphics, it is sometimes difficult to realise that you’re in fact betting on a virtualised version of the sport. It is incredibly easy to get into and requires no deep knowledge of horses, simply pick a runner you like and bet!

Pros of betting on virtual horse racing

Bet on-demand – around the clock and on-demand you will never wait for a race to start again.
Un-biased – random number generating software powers the outcomes, therefore corruption plays no factor.
Simplicity – all races are completely independent from one another, no need to consider horse form or age.
Technology – the graphics make this an incredibly realist simulation that will leave you in amazement at the realism.

The software

The software that powers the virtualised betting arena is very sophisticated and has to be passed through a fairness and reliability test. This ensures the source code does not violate any terms set out by the UK Gambling commission on virtual betting. There are many options to consider when it comes to the development of the virtual betting software. But betting companies love to employ the services of legendary software development firms Betradar and Kiron Interactive. But there has been a consensus circulating for some time now regarding the intrinsic quality of these products. When it comes to delivering a magical virtual gaming experience, nobody comes close to the graphics of Inspired Gaming.

With over 15 years’ experience making graphics and visual effects that power the virtual sports betting industry, Inspired Gaming offer a bespoke solution to bookmakers around the world. The software provided can be fully customised and configured to suit the needs of a bookmaker. Variables such as odds levels, duration of race, schedules and margins are all tailored-made. With all this power of customisation, it is no wonder that virtual sports betting is being incorporated into many fantastic sportsbooks across the world.

Payment methods

Depositing funds to the betting wallet is a process that doesn’t change depending on which type of markets or sports you are betting upon. No matter if it’s depositing for virtual sports bets or anything else at the operator, the process will remain consistent. You want to look for a betting site that has plenty of options for depositing. A bookmaker that can accept you money in a variety of ways, always has plenty of withdrawal options. You can be safe in assuming the following payment options are readily available for betting and setting up at new bookmakers.

  • Visa Debit/Credit
  • Mastercard
  • Bank transfer
  • Paysafecard
  • PayPal

Given all the fantastic betting sites we have made available to you throughout this website contain the payment methods listed above. You’ll be pleased to know there really is an option for everyone when it comes to virtual betting. There are several important things to consider when you are choosing your payment method. Those being: will you incur any transaction fees, processing times, withdrawal limits and eligibility with the welcome bonus. The last point concerning the welcome bonus is particular important for those opening a new account. Certain payment methods such as Skrill/paysafecard/Neteller are ineligible with many welcome offers. Check carefully the terms and conditions associated with the welcome bonus to ensure that your desired payment method will be accepted. Always remain diligent to allow yourself to claim the welcome offer at virtual horse racing sites hassle-free!

Security of virtual betting

When it comes to security, virtual horse racing results in a highly trustworthy and predictable way to bet. Provided you only choose bookmakers that are fully accredited and licensed to operate, as all the betting sites on this page are, then you will encounter no problems at the sportsbook. Rumours did circulate in the past that the betting odds and outcomes were automated, controlled by AI systems that interpret players betting meta data in order to force an outcome that will benefit the bookmaker the most greatly. This theory has been completely debunked in recent years. Bookmakers and virtual betting software developers are completely transparent with regulators – granting full access to source-code and backend systems. This transparency enables a fair playing experience to be provided to the customers.


As you can see, there are many fantastic reasons to get involved with this new and exciting for of betting. Horse racing is turning to a future powered by technology. There is no better time to check out exactly what you can achieve with virtual horse racing betting. The betting sites we have curated from the many available on the internet are tried and tested by us. We only recommend sites that have been judged the highest quality and most enjoyable to play. But don’t worry, virtual betting expands across many different sports. So, if horse racing isn’t your thing, then be sure to check out these sites as they will offer you an assortment of virtualised betting options.

For many decades it has been the number one betting sport for UK punters. The early days of horse racing involved thrifty bookmakers standing alongside the track trying to calculate the risks and set odds to the punters. Fast forward to today and we have a fully virtualised and professionally animated way to enjoy this fantastic betting activity.